Plastic Injection Moulding Manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing line is equipped with current plastic injection moulding technology. We Combine the use of an external local high-end tool/mould fabricator(s). To ensure each injection will be executed flawlessly.

With quality and perfection being our driving tool, only the finest plastic materials are being used. Each product is being carefully analysed and inspected by a professional, in order to ensure that the precise quality plastic and injection processes shall be followed.  

Our Manufacturing service does not only consist of standard plastic injection moulding but includes product development as well.

Priding ourselves to convert each customers idea and vision into a plastic moulded reality. Making superior injection moulding our responsibility.


Each of our product is being assembled internally by hand, providing your product with hands-on personal experience.

Our assembly teams are trained and continuously being trained to move interchangeable parts in sequence and simultaneously from workstation to workstation until the final assembly parts have been added. This guarantees high-quality injection moulded products as each product is being inspected as it moves down our assembly line.

As our assembly line grows continuedly each individual product will be assembled with speed and accuracy.


Packaging is an art of showcasing, protecting, storing and a way of distributing your unique product.

Our assembly lines continue straight to our packaging lines, providing you with a complete joint solution. Making use of each customer’s exclusive packaging designs and methods.

Doing all of this by hand gives each package a personal touch of  perfection.

Sticker and Wrapping

We do custom sticker and wrapping according to our client’s specifications.

We apply fine attention to detail and the finishing touches are precise.

Signature Boards

Our signature boards are done according to our client’s artwork and specifications. 

We strive for perfection and quality, and each product is carefully inspected to insure precision.

Vinyl Stickers

When producing our vinyl stickers, we only use the highest quality stickers.

We do custom vinyl stickers and once again attention to detail is applied to ensure that all stickers are according to our client’s requirements.

Photo & Canvas Printing

We use a printer that is  designed to print on the highest quality materials.

When printing the photo’s, we make use of vinyl stickers, photo paper or canvas. 

Finishing touches are applied, as well as attention to detail.

A Board Sign

Our Booster A-board is sturdily manufactured from galvanised steel tubing, this A-board is designed to last. This poster holder A-board comes complete with clear magnetic-edged anti-glare poster covers with white borders for a stylish finish. The magnetized covers are designed to hold posters securely in place on the A-board. The header panel is suitable for branding and the personalized price includes the name of your business, logo or chosen message at the top of your a-board on both sides