Snappi® Nappy Fastener:

The Snappi® Nappy fastener is a well-known international product.

Due to its popular demand in the baby industry, we made sure to follow all the necessary steps and procedures to guarantee that all raw materials used have been checked, tested and approved for food safety.

The Snappi® Nappy fastener is a plastic injection moulded product and is currently manufactured in two diverse sizes accompanied by thirteen beautiful colours.

Snappi® Hook:

The Snappi® hook is a very important part in completing the Snappi® Nappy fastener.

The hook is moulded (through plastic injection) as an individual part. Due to its hardworking properties, the hook must be moulded with a different grade of plastic to ensure durability.

After the hook has been manufactured checked and approved, it’s off to our assembly and packaging line.

Snappi® Chair pillar:

The Snappi® Chair pillar is an interchangeable plastic injection moulded part, manufactured in accompanied colours to each main chair and assembled accordingly.