About Us

Founder and owner Gys du Plessis started Snappi Manufacturer in 2018. Gys’s interest was triggered in the plastic injection moulding industry from the age of 20, where he worked for plastic injection moulding companies. With a passion for the manufacturing industry Gys later moved on in building up some serious knowledge and skills in the coil and extrusion industry. This, however, was just not enough for the young entrepreneur, and he needed more. So, he becomes a qualified tool and die, fabricator. Spending 22 years perfecting the art in tool and die manufacturing.

Gys then decided that it was time to live his passion and dream by starting Snappi Manufacturer, specialising in plastic injection moulding, assembly and packaging. 

Snappi Manufacturer is driven by an owner with a passion for the manufacturing industry a background of perfection, quality and extreme accuracy. Making Snappi Manufacturer a driving force to supply each customer with profound service, quality and perfection in each product.

Snappi Manufacturer’s biggest accomplishment is to be able to manufacture, assemble and package the international product Snappy® Nappy Fastener.